At the Twenty-First Century Group, our interns are valued members of our team.  We strive to give college students and recent graduates an inside look at our nation's political process, inspiring them to become the next generation of leaders and influencers in Washington D.C.  Our interns can expect to interact with Members of Congress and Congressional staffers, participate in important legislative assignments, and build a resume of exciting and worthwhile projects.

Our interns go on to do amazing things in D.C. and beyond. Check out where they are now!

Meghan Jackson

Intern from July 2016-November 2016

Education: Southern Methodist University '16

B.B.A. Marketing

Where is she now? Staff Assistant, Ervin Hill Strategy

"Interning at TFCG was the best thing I have done for myself professionally. The experience provided me with a skill set that I will carry confidently throughout my career."

Kathleen Thompson

Intern from April 2016-June 2016

Education: Southern Methodist University '16

B.A. History

Where is she now? Student, Southern Methodist University, Dedman School of Law

"I learned so much about politics the people who make things happen. I could have never gotten such insightful opportunities from a textbook or lecture."

Tower Cook

Intern in July 2015

Education: Texas A&M University, '16

B.S. Political Science

Where is he now?


"I immensely enjoyed my experience...I was able to make very valuable connections at receptions and fundraising events, as well as meet some very influential people."